Monday, January 2, 2012

Ericka is FIVE!

For Ericka's fifth birthday, we took the girls to the YMCA and played in the pool and on the water slide. The girls had such an amazing time! I can't even tell you how exciting and fun it was to go to the Y to celebrate Ericka's Birthday!
The girls in the car on the way to the Y
Ericka with her birthday presents...she's holding the bag Aunt Meg made her and wearing the sling Grandma Neilson made her!
Ericka felt so special on her special day! She loved all the Birthday wishes that were sent our way!
Lil checking out the goods Ericka got!
The horse cake Eric helped me make! It was a huge hit with the girls!!!

The big birthday girl!
Ericka blowing out her candles!
Couldn't get this picture to flip. The girls were all so excited about the candles!
Another shot of the cake!
Little miss Ericka with her cute little sling made by Grandma Neilson! She loves that thing and just loves feeling like a little mommy carrying her babies around in it!
We sure love Ericka and are so glad she is our oldest daughter!!


MCapson said...

She is getting sooooo big. Happy Birthday Ericka! Love you guys.

jrnelson said...

Sarah, great job on the cake, it looks awesome!!

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