Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Neilson

We had the best time with my parents when they came out to visit! They were able to come out while Eric was out of school for Spring break the last week of February into the fist week of March. We did so many fun things while they were here. I think the high-light for the kids was going to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. We had so much fun! It was still a little cold for people around here (not at all cold to us Alaskans!), so there weren't a lot of people around. We took all the time we wanted to play and just wander around looking at the animals.
The most fun part about this trip to the zoo besides that Grandma and Grandpa were with us, was feeding pretzels to the geese, ducks, and peacocks. It started out when the girls were eating pretzels and we noticed the geese and ducks eating the dropped pieces. That lead to us intentionally giving small pieces to the birds. It was so cool to feed them right out of our hands! It was sure funny also! The girls were so EXCITED they could hardly contain themselves! We were surprised we didn't get in trouble for feeding the birds, but then again, there weren't many people around to see us doing it. It was so much fun!! We LOVED having mom and dad here!
I LOVE this picture! My mom is so BEAUTIFUL!
The little girlies feeding one of the peacocks.
Dad and Claire got really close to the male was so neat to see.
Grandma and Grandpa helping Claire and Lilly feed the peacocks. I love this picture!
This was us at the end of the trip. We were on our way out of the zoo.
The brave girls feeding the duck.
It was so cool to see the male peacocks spread out their colorful feathers! They are so pretty!!
I don't really know what mom and Claire were looking at in this picture.
My sweet Ericka! She is so CUTE!!
We had the BEST time going to the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma Neilson! We loved having them here for a visit, though it went by way too fast!

Swimming Lessons

We got a family membership to the YMCA and are loving it! As part of the membership, they offer different classes/lessons. I decided I wanted Ericka and Claire to have swim lessons. So, we put them in a beginner class. They have lessons once a week. Although, the last two weeks the class has been cancelled because the pool was broke. The girls really look forward to their lessons every week. They have been so let down the last two Mondays when they have not been able to do their lessons.
They are so funny in how they react to different things. Their personalities are so different. Claire is a real adventurous spirit, where Ericka is quite timid about many things. Then you have Claire who doesn't really get bothered by things real easily, and Ericka is kind of a light weight about things. She is more sensitive about things and raises a little more racket about her issues. For example, Claire doesn't really care about the temperature of the water and Ericka is a bit more bugged about it. Then again, it could be the fact that Ericka has hardly any fat on her body and Claire has a bit of a layer to keep her warm. We love these girls and how different their personalities are!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I have been saying ever since Christmas day that I would upload pictures of the rocking horse my dad (and mom) made. Life has been a little crazy the last week. So here I am, finally updating my blog! And I gotta say, I LOVE these pictures of the girls on the rocking horse that was hand-made by my dad, with a little finishing touch done by my mom! The rocking horse is AWESOME!! And I gotta say, the girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thanks so much Grandpa and Grandma!!!!!!!!

The girls so love their rocking horse! They are so spoiled to have such awesome grandparents on both side! We love all of you!!

Ericka is FIVE!

For Ericka's fifth birthday, we took the girls to the YMCA and played in the pool and on the water slide. The girls had such an amazing time! I can't even tell you how exciting and fun it was to go to the Y to celebrate Ericka's Birthday!
The girls in the car on the way to the Y
Ericka with her birthday presents...she's holding the bag Aunt Meg made her and wearing the sling Grandma Neilson made her!
Ericka felt so special on her special day! She loved all the Birthday wishes that were sent our way!
Lil checking out the goods Ericka got!
The horse cake Eric helped me make! It was a huge hit with the girls!!!

The big birthday girl!
Ericka blowing out her candles!
Couldn't get this picture to flip. The girls were all so excited about the candles!
Another shot of the cake!
Little miss Ericka with her cute little sling made by Grandma Neilson! She loves that thing and just loves feeling like a little mommy carrying her babies around in it!
We sure love Ericka and are so glad she is our oldest daughter!!

Christmas Day!

The girls really enjoyed Christmas this year. It was definitely different for us to not be with Eric's family during the holidays, but it actually ended up being surprisingly enjoyable.
Ericka and Claire showing off the gifts Grandma and Grandpa Neilson gave them.
Claire, Ericka, and Lillian showing off the tree and beautiful rocking horse Grandpa and Grandma made for them!
The sweetest girls!!
Ericka writing "Merry Christmas" on the dry-erase board Santa brought her and her sisters!!

Some fun Pictures

Here is a picture of Ericka and Claire decorating the Christmas ornaments we made.
We had the girls' best friend Avie come stay the night. They had tons of fun!
Lilly is always cheesing it up...she has the greatest little personality!
This was when our friends were heading home after decorating cookies with us.
Claire, Cora, Connor, Ericka, Lilly, and Avie
Lilly was really into decorating her Christmas ornaments...she's always gotta do what the big sisters are doing!

Decorating Cookies and Gingerbread Houses

I have been meaning to get these pictures on here before now. Back in the beginning of December, we had the chance to have some friends over to decorate cookies. A few days later, we were able to have some other friends over to decorate gingerbread houses (they were actually made out of graham crackers). The girls LOVE anything that has to do with frosting, sprinkles, and other candies! We had a lot of fun and are glad we could have friends over to make some fun memories!!