Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming Lessons

We got a family membership to the YMCA and are loving it! As part of the membership, they offer different classes/lessons. I decided I wanted Ericka and Claire to have swim lessons. So, we put them in a beginner class. They have lessons once a week. Although, the last two weeks the class has been cancelled because the pool was broke. The girls really look forward to their lessons every week. They have been so let down the last two Mondays when they have not been able to do their lessons.
They are so funny in how they react to different things. Their personalities are so different. Claire is a real adventurous spirit, where Ericka is quite timid about many things. Then you have Claire who doesn't really get bothered by things real easily, and Ericka is kind of a light weight about things. She is more sensitive about things and raises a little more racket about her issues. For example, Claire doesn't really care about the temperature of the water and Ericka is a bit more bugged about it. Then again, it could be the fact that Ericka has hardly any fat on her body and Claire has a bit of a layer to keep her warm. We love these girls and how different their personalities are!

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